Artistic Advisor

 ADVISOR for Actors, Directors, Performing-, and  Visual Artists

(skype session possibility for artists outside Berlin)

with Greta Amend

During a session you will have the unique opportunity to discuss necessary artistic career steps as well as refine your marketing portfolio, discuss photographs, CV’s, your role profile, agents and casting directors, writing cover letters and anything else connected with furthering your career  in the european film-,  television and theatre sector.

You can look forward to an artistic meeting  focusing strongly on pitching, interview training, networking, self-management and image-development. In one-on-one  interviews Greta Amend will pursue the issues of individual professional development, perspectives, goals, and motivation of the artist.

We will cover Questions like:

- How do I pitch myself authentically and free of clichés in personal exchanges with decision-makers?

-  How do I approach brief exchanges and succeed in leaving an impression stimulating further curiosity about my person?

- How do I succeed in communicating with business partners like directors, casting directors, angencies, producers, filmmakers their level?

- How do demonstrate “attitude” during conversation, and communicate my skills and achievements convincingly.

Make sure you bring along photos, contact sheets, CV’s and anything else YOU would like to discuss.

Appointment: Please send an Email to info(at)